VITALITY – Hollywood Surfboards

VITALITY – Hollywood Surfboards

Product Description

 Hollywood Surfboards

Model: Vitality


The Vitality is designed to bring a renewed energy to  performance surfing. Surfers who might not get in the water quite as much as they would like or guys who just need and want a bit more volume and glide in their surfing will love this board.

The Vitality features a slightly forward outline and volume giving it tons of paddle power. Kept thin and edgy through the tail so no performance is sacrificed. A true all rounder tested and loved from small beach breaks to pumping Indo bowls. 

Best ridden with a Moon tail design, that takes little more foam out the back end, and gives an incredible feeling of hold. Also available in Swallow, Square or Round tails. Sizes ranging from 5’6″ to 6’6″

All Hollywood Surf Supply surfboards for Australia are shaped and designed by Scott Crump in northern NSW. Our team of experienced craftsmen ALL SURF!!!
All boards are made with first quality blanks, shaped blanks are sprayed white for uv resistance, boards are glassed standard with 2 layers of 4 oz on the deck with a 4oz tail patch, one layer of 4 oz on the bottom. Boards come with leash plug and choice of single tab or dual tab fin boxes set up for 3 fins. Boards do not come with fins.
Boards 6’6” and under start at $695inc gst.
7’ and under +25
8’ and under +50
4 fin set up. +10
5 fin set up +20
Epoxy zero tollerence construction +100
Resin tint +30
Color spray market rate
Shipping ask for quote




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