V2 FLEX SERIES – Outer Island Surfboards

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V2 FLEX SERIES – Outer Island Surfboards

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V2 flex Series



V2 Flex is our own unique, revolutionary design controlling the overall flex pattern of a surfboard. 2 stringers in an inverted V shape come from the nose and exit the rail forward of the fins, allowing the tail to flex, utilising the natural flex properties of the materials to their maximum. It puts the flex where you want it…in the tail section, and stiffens the board through the forward section. V2 Flex boards feel sensitive and alive under foot, flexing into the turns to give tighter arcs, greater hold on the wave and delivering a burst of drive (reflex) out of the turns. Over 10 years of research and development have gone into perfecting this design concept. We have been constructing over 90% of our boards this way for the last 5 years, and everyone who has one agrees that they are sensational to ride. Remarkably, the way the energy is transmitted through the board, we are not seeing broken tails, even in light weight Performers and Longboards. Less labour intensive than our full carbon fiber Flex Tail, it brings flex construction to a competitive price, affordable by everyone. The concept works equally effectively right through the size range, from shortboards, through mid length and longboards. Get on one and feel the difference!

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