LIMO – Hollywood Surfboards

LIMO – Hollywood Surfboards

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Hollywood Surfboards

Model: The Limo


The Limo is a balanced waves catching machine made for surfers coming down in size from longboards or for surfers re entering surifng. The low rocker and full volume allow for the ultimate in stability and control. The Limo drives itself!


The bottom contours feature an entry concave running through the guts of the baord allowing for easy planing and roll in wave catching properties, leading into a big spine vee off the tail with a double concave in the vee. 

Giving the Limo a very alive feeling off the tail when turning and ease of rail transfer


The Limo comes in sizes from 5’4″ to 6’5″ . From 20″to 22″ in width and volume 35L up to 45L


All Hollywood Surf Supply surfboards for Australia are shaped and designed by Scott Crump in northernNSW. Our team of experienced craftsmen ALL SURF!!!
All boards are made with first quality blanks, shaped blanks are sprayed white for uv resistance, boards are glassed standard with 2 layers of 4 oz on the deck with a 4oz tail patch, one layer of 4 oz on the bottom. Boards come with leash plug and choice of single tab or dual tab fin boxes set up for 3 fins. Boards do not come with fins.
Boards 6’6” and under start at $695inc gst.
7’ and under +25
8’ and under +50
4 fin set up. +10
5 fin set up +20
Epoxy zero tollerence construction +100
Resin tint +30
Color spray market rate
Shipping ask for quote





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