FLEX TAIL – Outer Island Surfboards

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FLEX TAIL – Outer Island Surfboards

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Flex Tails

Flex Tail


Like a dolphin’s tail , Flextails generate propulsion, drive and acceleration out of the turns. The tail flexes as you apply power, carving a tighter arc. Energy is stored in the carbon tail, and is released out of the turn (reflex) delivering a massive burst of drive and speed, like an arrow from a bow, or a diver launching from a spring board. Unlike conventional boards which are rigid and have one inbuilt set of curves, they feel alive to ride, changing shape while in motion, carving variable arcs and springing out of turns like Formula 1 race car.
Many of our clients will ride nothing but Flextails…. once you discover the feel of flex, there is no turning back! Constructed from Carbon Fibre , Vynel Esters and EVA using most the most advanced technology available on the planet. Invest in Technology!

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