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Mitchell Rae may state his occupation as a ‘surfboard shaper’ on those forms at the airport but his iconic boards with distinctive ‘spirit eyes’ are so much more than just foam and fiberglass – he needs extra lines to add ‘artist’, ‘sculptor’, ‘scientist’, ‘designer’, ‘diviner’ and many other strings to his craftsman’s bow.

Join Mitchell as he waxes about art, design, spirit, physics, life and motion and shares the nuances of a handcrafted single fin flextail he created back in the late 70’s.

Rae rode this particular board into the quarterfinals of the Om Bali Pro back in 1980. Earlier this year while up in the Mentawais musician and surfer Donovan Frankenreiter spotted the board, now aged in its mid-30s, and begged to take it for an afternoon session.

If surfboards could talk we reckon this one would have a few stories. No doubt those eyes on its rails have seen some things… Check out Mitchell’s work at Outer Island Surfboards here.

Music: “Reckless Youth” by Tropical Zombie

Filmed and produced by HarroArt. Edited by Monarch Post. © 2014

Via – Surf The Barrel

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