Let’s Go Hoverboarding

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Turns out, hoverboards do work on water. Utilizing the same technology of those water-powered jetpacks, Franky Zapata has created the Flyboard. Riders are connected to a hose that shoots out water and propels them into the air. Devin Supertramp filmed some of these surf hoverboarders doing some truly impressive tricks in Mexico. It’s helping us get our hopes up again that hoverboards will soon become the way we get around. Tell us what you think about in the comments below- What do you think of these hoverbo Share this: Like...

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Kelly Slater Gives the ASP food for thought on ‘Double Points’ awarded at Fiji, Pipeline.

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    Kelly Slater (USA) has been surfing’s “next best thing” for the past three decades. It’s an accolade that has been earned both in and out of the jersey and an accomplishment that is unprecedented in all of sports. Now the 11-time World Champ heads to Fiji donning the yellow jersey once more. During the brief intermission between the Billabong Rio Pro and theFiji Pro, Slater spoke with ASP about the road to Tavarua and lent some musings on the Tour and the surf culture at large.   #1 You sustained a number of injuries in 2013 and you obviously have had a lot going on in your life professionally at the start of this season regarding your recent split from Quiksilver. Do these types of things distract you from performing in heats or focus you further (the “wounded animal” theory)? They’re both correct at times. I think mostly I’ve been distracted and not felt super confident so far this year. The good news is I’m in a pretty consistent position with all keepers, but the bad news is those numbers lie a little. When we throw events away, I slip back so I need to get a win soon to solidify. I still have some injuries. My hip and lower back are real issues for me but when the adrenaline kicks in that dissipates. #2 Compared to the current ASP Top 34 field, what are the most dominant components of your surfing? Conversely, what are the most vulnerable components? I think I’m vulnerable for sure at waves like Margaret’s and Bells and Rio so I’m happy with results in those places. My strengths have always been carving and barrels and in the early days I feel like I had an advantage at small beachbreaks because I grew up in that and it was my bread and butter. Traveling and searching for good waves, my priorities and excitement has changed and I feel like I am much better in what we’d typify as ‘dream waves’… good, barreling reef waves. #3 To that end, do you feel that, relative to other venues on tour, the opening third of the season didn’t favor you schedule-wise? How have you still managed to find yourself out in front at this juncture? I didn’t like the sound of that first third going in, but felt if I could be in the running after those events that Fiji on would be a great place to make a move. These next four events are historically good for me. Inconsistent waves and closeout beachbreaks like Rio leave everyone open to being taken out unexpectedly by low seeds. Everyone has been vulnerable, but I’ve squeaked by a few close ones to stay out in front. On a side note, I really think Fiji and Pipe and possibly Teahupo’o and/or J-Bay should be considered “Majors” for us and be given double points. Three...

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Shapeshifter promises a surfboard tail revolution

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 David Barr has introduced “Shapeshifter”, an innovative surfboard removable tail system. There’s a wide range of surfboard tail shapes. It’s easy to get confused because, in some cases, the variations between them are subtle and marginal.The most important tail shapes are squash tail, square tail, thumb tail, rounded pin tail, pin tail, baby swallow tail, swallow tail, bat tail, and wing tail/tail.Depending on the ocean and wind conditions, you may pick one or another. David Barr, who has been surfing and shaping for four decades, is developing a new removable tail system that will shake the way we blend fins and surfboard shapes.Basically, we will be able to switch from a pin tail (big wave surf conditions) to a swallow tail (small summer waves). At the same time, we will manage these choices with a proper fin setup.“The system is quite simple. A receiver is attached to the shaped blank and then is glassed just like any other board. Before sanding, a production tail is attached so that the board can be sanded to the perfect shape for all other tails to fit,” explains Barr.The “Shapeshifter” comes with six different tail shapes: diamond, swallow, squash, round pin, asymmetrical right, and asymmetrical left.Is this the world’s most versatile surfboard?  Share this: Like...

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Board Review ‘ Mt Woodgee’ Kong Model

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Kong has a long history with Mt Woodgee and has spent alot of time with Ian Byrne to work on his Equipment. Kong models are especially suited to the old school power surfer. There are 2 versions available. The traditional swallow tail Kong model which can also be set up with channels and the new round square version with FCS 5 Fin option. SUITABLE WEIGHT RANGE LENGTH WIDTH THICKNESS WEIGHT RANGE 6’0” New Round Square 20 21?2 up to 90kg 6’2” New Round Square 201?2 25?8 up to 90kg+ 6’2” Traditional Swallow 191?2 23?8 up to 90kg 6’4” Traditional Swallow 191?2 21?2 up to 90kg+ 6’6” Traditional Swallow 193?4 21?2 up to 90kg+ (Weight range is only a guideline as some surfers like less buoyancy than others. Volume and dimensions can be adjusted on custom orders.) STANDARD GLASSING Traditional Kong: 4 x 4oz deck – 4oz bottom New Kong: 4 x 4oz deck – 4oz bottom – Carbon Tail strips (4 x 6oz deck, tints or pigments available by order) EXPERIENCE Intermediate to advanced surfers IDEAL CONDITIONS Reefs, Points or Beach breaks up to 6 foot+ BEST TRI FIN SET UPS K2.1 PC // K-3 PC // AM-2 PC // GAM-PC // PC-5 // PC-7 BEST QUAD FIN SET UPS K2.1 Quad PC // SF4 PC (Usually medium or large front and small rear) TAIL VARIATIONS ROUNDED SQUARE  SWALLOW For All Custom Inquiries please Fill Out Form Name(required) Email(required) Submit Share this: Like...

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I Want My North Shore 2

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There seems to be a buzz around  for wanting to  film the 2nd installment of the Cult Surf Movie Classic ‘North Shore’ .  I’m very skeptical that this may eventuate, but give kudos to the people behind it..There Facebook page I Want My North Shore 2  is gaining quite a following, especially with uploaded videos including this short video with the leader of the Da Hui ‘Eddie Rothman’. I’m sure this may stir up a little controversy towards the ASP with local wildcards being scaled back at surfing the Pipe Masters.   Share this: Like...

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This Guy Has Invented an Insane Way to Surf Huge Waves

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Fred Compagnon is a Hossegor surfer who has invented an amazing new way to ride waves by combining his passion for stand up paddle boards and the finless strips of wood called alaias. When the waves get huge He paddles out with both boards and does step-offs from the SUP onto the alaia. It’s weird, its wonderful, it’s very, very gnarley. Check out the tubes he gets on a finless plank of wood that’s about a quarter inch thick! Fred is an amazing waterman doing some unbelievable things in the waves so keep him on your radar. WATCH VIDEO Source Via –  Share this: Like...

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Double Island Beach Clean Up May 3rd-4th 2014

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Tandem Surf And Sport is proud to sponsor the Surfrider Sunshine Coast Branch who is conducting another massive beach clean up weekend, of the 60km stretch of beach from Noosa North Shore to Double Island Point on Saturday 3rd & Sunday 4th MAY. Qld Parks and Wildlife have granted us fee exempt vehicle access and camping permits and those who participate in the beach clean up will have the chance to win one of many prizes in a the raffle, drawn at “Little Freshwater” beach campsite on Saturday night. Sunday is optional but why wouldn’t you stay if it’s free! Plus you’ll get a feed and a few beers chucked in as well!!! 1X full returned rubbish bag = 1 X ticket. Fill as many bags as you can (which is quite easy considering the amount of human rubbish & marine debris currently on the beach). Prizes from places include Australia Zoo, Underwater World, Aussie World, BigPineappleMusic Festival and Coffee Club. This is a family friendly event, involving, encouraging, educating and appealing to all ages. For more info…. Ph: Aaron 0449 686 746; or Craig 0415 670 639; or Email: surfridersunshinecoast@gmail.com   Share this: Like...

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Nothing Is Impossible…………

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This short video is based on a TRUE STORY, about a group of kids that did the IMPOSSIBLE!! In 1986 a football team that lived on a Small Island in the Thailand called “Koh Panyee”. It’s a floating village in the sea that has not an inch of soil. The kids here loved to watch football but had nowhere to play or practice. But they didn’t let that stop them. They challenged the norm and have become a great inspiration for new generations. A reminder that any challenges you face in life, with real effort you can make a difference. Share this: Like...

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My Cousin – ‘Fraser Biden: Overcome’

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Fraser Biden (my cousin) was on a trip in Fiji in November 2013, unfortunately his trip was cut short, Fraser broke his back in two places out at a local reef. In this clip fraser talks about how it happened, after it happened and how he’s dealing with it now. It’s amazing to see a good friend overcome such a terrifying ordeal and remain so positive.   Filmed & Edited // Jaden Marc Artwork // Joel Birch Camera and lenses used // Sony FS700, 150-500 Sigma F5-6.3 & Sony 18-200 F3.5-6.3 Music // God is an astronaut – Loss Colour // Magic bullet looks   Share this: Like...

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