Los Gringos – Surf, Soul, Tacos and Lowriders.

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      LOS GRINGOS – The True Story It all started with the opening of Mexican Micks in Byron Bay in 1970 when we decided this was a good lurk to go surfing every day rather than picking bananas or working on the trawlers . The opening of El Gringo’s Mexican Restaurant Easter of 71 in Mooloolaba Queensland saw the beginning of Spanish Mexican ‘culture in the DNA of my modern cultural influences . Surf , music , hot rod’s and the role of 50’s n 60’s California, Texas and New Orleans was it. In New Orleans the Cuban met the French, the Native Indian, the Caribbean and fused with the black American musical genius to create new styles of incredible music doused in Blues Rumbas and Voodoo Vibes. In Texas cowboys fused blues, western swing, conjunto and Tex Mex Polkas into a spicy menu of Tacos Soul . Quentin Tarantino was made and surf music which was created by many of the great Mexican musicians in Hollywood soared again . PURCHASE – LOS GRINGOS T-SHIRTS AND CAPS  Hot Rods n Harley’s were turned into Lowriders and the Calimex of everyone from the Sandpipers to Ritchie Valens , Linda Ronstadt , Los Lobos and the Paladins led a whole new wave of music bursting out of movie sound tracks. After a trip to East LA and watching Ry Cooder with Paco Jiminez playing chicken skin music the dye was set and out of the then swamps of Mudjimba Queensland arose Leroy and the Lowriders dedicated to west coast car park watching and dual Valiant coupes parked out front . On the other side of the Ocean even further West than the great Hawaiian Islands where Monster Trucks cruised the beaches with Hawaiian music blaring out of boom boxes, Cesilio and Kapono were the kings of the Hawaiian Luau fusing the Pacific beat, there was a place of even more perfect waves bathed in similar layers of hot chilly spices and swaying rhythms’ . The Tarian Topeng or masked dance was now played in crisp clean barrels across thousands of coconut fringed islands. Om santi santi. Add to this a mix of Hippies, Surfers and Hotrodders previously hidden behind kampung walls they were now free to jam and surf and mix steel and art. Los Gringos was a part of the revolution of this new global culture. Playing in kampungs and warungs across the heartlands of Bali, Java, Singapore, Malaysia, India even Hong Kong……. Los Gringos brought the Rhythms of the Barrios to the peoples of the East. It was easy cause it was in their DNA too . PURCHASE – LOS GRINGOS T-SHIRTS AND CAPS  The Los Gringos collaboration still hasn’t stopped. We are still developing this music, food, hot rigs and surfing whilst the rest of the world sits there confused by false ideologies, the digital explosion,...

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BEYOND SIGHT: The Derek Rabelo Story

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        Walking On Water are giving us a FREE EXCLUSIVE online premiere of the film ‘Beyond Sight’. The premiere will screen only during the Pipe Masters Event Dec 8th – 21st   Amidst the small beautiful city of Guarapari, Brazil, Derek Rabelo’s father prayed that his son would become a famous professional surfer. Unfortunately on May 25th 1992, his prayer seemed unanswered when Derek was born blind. Seventeen years later Derek decided that despite his blindness he still wanted to surf and that he wanted to surf the dangerous Pipeline wave on the North Shore of Oahu. Through the encouragement of his parents, best friend, and surf coach, Derek embarked on a three-year journey of grueling mental, physical and spiritual training. As Derek perseveres towards his goal of surfing Pipeline, he inspires the best pro-surfers in the world including Makua Rothmans, Koa Rothmans, Kala Alexander, Kelly Slater, Damien Hobgood, Rob Machado, Lakey Peterson, Taj Burrow, Laird Hamilton and more, who are featured in the film. You will learn from Derek’s story that the best journeys in life are walked by faith, and not by sight.beyondsightmovie.com WATCH HERE – BEYOND FULL SIGHT    BEYOND SIGHT: The Derek Rabelo Story (subtitles available) from WalkingOnWater on Vimeo. IF YOU ENJOYED THE MOVIE HERE ARE SOME WAYS TO GET INVOLVED: 1. Host Derek Rabelo and the Beyond Sight movie in your hometown. Email: Info@walkingonwater.com 2. Make a tax deductible donation to support the ongoing efforts of the Walking on Water team. DONATE HERE. 3. Attend one of our international mission trips or surf camps in California. Email: Kyle@walkingonwater.com 4. Support our next movie that will be released in Spring 2017: www.surfersandcowboysmovie.com Email: Info@walkingonwater.com 5. Would you like to know more about life, God, and the message of the movie? Click here to see what’s most important to us. Share this: Like...

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Dummy Mount – Just In Time For Xmas

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    New Dummy Mount Go Pro Mouth Mount – Perfect for Surfing, Bodyboarding, SUP, Snowboarding & More!  The Dummy Mount is the one of the safest, best GoPro® mouth mount for sale now! The Dummy Mount has a flowing airway straight through the mouth mount that allows you to breathe easy while your GoPro® captures everything your eyes can see! Anywhere you look your GoPro® is going to get the perfect shot! Not to mention being able to change modes easily on the fly and take epic photos and videos of yourself and friends! The Dummy Mount is the original, simple, mouth mount to comfortably hold your GoPro between your teeth! The Mouth Piece is made of soft silicone that is safe and comfortable to bite down on. Your GoPro® camera will sit tight to your chin with the Dummy Mount mouth mount and Dummy Float connected to the housing. You will be able to capture the best views POV and easily transfer the camera to hand held style shooting if you like! COMPATIBLE GOPRO® PRODUCTS: GoPro® HERO, HERO2, HERO3, HERO3+ (White, Black, and Silver Editions), Hero 4 cameras USES: The Dummy Mount Mouth Mount is an essential piece of equipment for your GoPro®. Capture the best POV images and videos with the mouth mount. Great to have if you are gathering footage for surfing, bodyboarding, hiking, kayaking, rock climbing, skateboarding, SUP, wakeboarding and anything else you can think of.           Share this: Like...

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Mark Healey Surfs Possibly the Biggest Paddle-In Wave Ever at Puerto Escondido

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Puerto Escondido is flooded. The XXL surf is taking the streets of Mexico for one hell of a ride. Naturally, madman Mark Healey is a culprit, caught red-handed on the biggest bomb of the morning. The photo is mind-boggling. It’s a wave so big it challenges what is possible by paddle power alone. Just a day after the Big Wave Awards, Healey found himself right smack in the middle of one of the biggest days Puerto Escondido has seen in decades. And of course, Healey found himself right smack in the middle of one of the biggest waves of the day. “Today was honestly twice as big as the biggest I’ve ever seen it here,” he told Stab, who has his phone number. “The energy and the water moving was just… so beyond anything I’ve ever seen here. Everything else pales in comparison.” According to local big wave surfer Coco Nogales, it was the heaviest surf Mexico has seen in twenty years. And both eyewitnesses and big wave surfing aficionados are tossing around the phrase “biggest paddle-in wave ever” – and almost certainly at Puerto Escondido.   Share this: Like...

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The 2014 Surfer Poll Awards….Via Surfer Magazine…….

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THE CAPTAIN  Tony “Doris” Eltherington. A Gold Coast, Australian boy at heart but a long time Indo Legend! Being one the first to surf Padang Padang, Bali and Desert Point. If you haven’t heard of him, someone you know has. He’s a pioneer to the Mentawais surfing industry, has surfed it better, and knows more. Tony “Doris” Eltherington pursued a long life dream and purchased The Raja Elang last year for charters in Indonesia. He acts as a constant reality check for all the pros and VIP’s but he is the real deal – honest, and hilarious. Guests love him for it.   THE CHARTER 12 nights and 13 days onboard the Raja Elang Airport Transfer to and from Boat harbour fees and taxes Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner prepared by onboard chef All snacks Bintangs (30-40 cartons) and soft drinks Full use of fishing and snorkelling gear Epic memories that will last you a lifetime. All charters are for 12 nights and 13 days unless otherwise arranged. PRICE FOR ALL CHARTERS IS $32,000 US DOLLAR.* PRICE PER PERSON IS $3200 US DOLLAR* Photo’s can be purchased for $150us per person through our photographer onboard Whole boat bookings are preferred but separate bookings are taken. Although some groups prefer to organise their own group, we are happy to assist. BOOKINGS ARE FOR A MAXIMUM OF 8-10 GUESTS* Price for each per person with a group of 10pax is $3200 USD each.  In order to confirm your spot, $1,000 USD per person (minimum of $10,000 USD for whole boat booking) Non-refundable deposit but certainly ‘booking date changes available’ is required. BOAT DETAILS THE RAJA ELANG is an Australian designed and built, 20 metre long 5.5m beam Ocean Cruiser with twin Detroit diesels 550hp V12’s. Originally from Perth she can comfortably sleep  8 guests. 9 SINGLE AIR CONDITIONED ACCOMMODATION 2 FULLY FUNCTIONAL FRESH WATER BATHROOMS 3 LARGE ENTERTAINMENT AREAS FULL NAVIGATIONAL SAFETY EQUIPMENT 5.5 METRE TENDER – BRAND NEW CUSTOM BUILT CENTRE CONSOLE WITH NEW 60HP MERCURY LIFE RAFTS, RADARS, 3 X GPS, HF RADIO, VHF RADIOS, NEW KODEN 36 MILE RADAR, EPIRBS/ FIRE EXTIGUISHERS, 25 MAN LIFERAFT IN SURVEY HOME STYLE FULLY CATERED ELECTRIC GALLEY – which supplies all meals and snacks and COLD beers. FRIDGE/FREEZER/ICE BOXES LARGE TOP DECK BBQ AREA SWIMMING DECK (MARLIN BOARD) WITH FRESH WATER SHOWER SPACIOUS SHELTERED FLYBRIDGE INTERNAL DINNING ROOM MOVIE AND MUSIC SYSTEM MP3 AND IPOD, DVD AND CD ACCESS TO 12vlt, 24vlt and 240vlt POWER OUTLETS INTERNATIONAL MARINE SAFETY EQUIPMENT FISHING AND SNORKELLING EQUIPMENT    FOR ALL BOOKINGS Contact- Taryn Ellen Eltherington TONY ELTHERINGTON SURF CHARTERS Phone (07) 55 108 700 0r 0421 790 563 www.tonyeltheringtonsurfcharters.com tonyeltheringtonharters@bigpond.com Don’t just DREAM about it!  BOOK IT!   Share this: Like...

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Jay Occhilupo, 11, son of former surfing world champion Mark, signs deal with Billabong

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  THE surfboard doesn’t fall far from the sea. And it hasn’t for 11-year-old Jay Occhilupo, the son of surfing great Mark, who has just been signed to a deal with Billabong. One of the youngest surfers to ever receive a sponsorship deal from the iconic brand, Jay joins a star stable including Joel Parkinson, Taj Burrow, and dad. “I’m feeling stoked, I was hoping for it but I wasn’t expecting it so soon,” Jay said. Mark Occhilupo was 14 when he was signed by Billabong more than 30 years ago. “So it’s fitting for Jay to be in the Billabong team,” Mark said. “It’s crazy how life turns out. When I signed my first deal, I was 14 and at that point I wouldn’t have dreamed of having kids, let alone having them sign a deal with Billabong earlier than I did. “Jay started three years earlier than me, he was surfing by the time he was three, so he’s got a few years more experience than I had at his age, hence getting signed earlier than me.”   The 1999 world surfing champion, Occhilupo rode a career of ups and downs and believes Jay is determined enough to follow suit. “He has got a lot of spirit,” Occhilupo said. “In sport, there are a lot of highs and lows, you can’t win every single time, I told him that. “When he loses, he’s not too bad, he is a good sport. “I told him how hard it is going to be, it is not a given that he is going to make it to the top. “But I know he is going to give it 110 per cent “I am really proud of him, it is a special day.” The initial two-year Billabong deal is just reward for Jay’s commitment to the sport, as he spends 40 hours a week in the surf. “It is a memorable day for the family for him to get the sponsorship, he has been working really hard,” Mark Occhilupo said. “He is surfing all day, every day when he is not at school. He spends six to seven hours a day in the water, and it’s paying off.” While the Billabong deal is a significant step in young Jay’s career, Mark added that he wouldn’t be rushing off to buy sports cars. “The big companies don’t like throwing big money at kids too early, it has happened before and sometimes the kids don’t live up to their potential,” Occhilupo said. “We’ve tried to base it not around that, but Billabong will pay for coaching and throw in free clothes.” Next up for Jay will be an event close to his heart; the Occy Grom Comp on the southern Gold Coast in June – an event named after his father. “I went in it last year and had a shocker,” Jay said....

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Surfing Wave Pool Location – Ipswich or the Sunshine Coast

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THE Sunshine Coast is in the running to be home to Australia’s first surfing wave pool to be opened within the next 18 months. The $13 million next-generation wave pool will be the central element of a $40 million tourism development. Creator Greg Webber of Webber Wave Pools was tight-lipped this week about the location for the venture which is being backed by Noosa financier David Baird, saying only it would be somewhere between the Gold Coast and Noosa. A decision is expected within the next month but it is believed the Gold Coast is out of the running and a final decision will be between Ipswich and here. Mr Webber confirmed talks had been held with Sunshine Coast Council. The proponents have also held discussions with Ipswich and Gold Coast councils. He said the wave pool would open before the 2015 Christmas school holidays. It will generate eight waves a minute or around 480 waves an hour at heights of between 1.65m and 1.82m. That compares with the one wave every two minutes produced by pneumatic systems and the two waves a minute produced by the Wave Garden design. Mr Webber, a surfboard manufacturer from Avalon in Sydney said the cost of energy to produce a wave in older systems had been beyond the market’s willingness to pay. His system, developed over the past 10 years and a lifetime’s fascination with waves, can produce a 15 second ride for under $1 in energy costs. That will allow the wave pool to operate profitably charging $35 for an experience that would include “10 beautiful waves where no-one hassles you”. Every ride will be filmed with surfers able to buy a recording of their session. Sunshine Coast elite surf coach Ian Portingale said a wave pool on the Sunshine Coast would provide aspiring athletes with excellent training facilities and also help bring more young kids into the sport. He said it would also be a huge boost for the region’s schools’ surfing program. Intermediate surfers would also have the opportunity to improve their skills on mechanically perfect waves enabling them to perfect manoeuvres. Mr Webber said the wave pool did not attempt to recreate nature and the beautiful settings in which surf could be found but fitted the modern lifestyle. It guaranteed waves of consistent quality something that was either impossible or difficult and expensive to find in the natural environment. The wave pool is an elongated oval in shape with a central island around which four hulls on rails move continuously underwater setting off a boat wake angled to create perfect, barrelling waves. Surfers who wipe out will be pushed to the edges by the white water. There is no backwash. Mr Webber describes himself as a “bit of a wave nut”. He became fascinated as a 10-year-old with the movement of energy through water and would muck around...

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