RIP John Shimooka (1969- 2020).

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The surfing world is saddened to learn of the passing of John Shimooka. A former CT surfer, industry executive, commentator, and coach, he made a major impact on the surfing world. Our hearts are with his family and friends. RIP Schmoo.. Share this: Like...

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Late Drop – The Big Wave Podcast: Jamie Mitchell Hosts Ross Clarke-Jones

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Big-wave visionary? Middle-aged grom? Good Time Charlie? Screw loose? For one of the big-wave world’s most unforgettable characters, Ross Clarke-Jones is most likely all of the above. One of the first men to make an actual career out of big-wave surfing, RCJ’s love affair with Waimea Bay finally earned him an Eddie win in 2001 — maybe the most coveted of big-wave accomplishments. Simultaneously a tow-surf god, RCJ pioneered the unruly waters of Nazare, trading North Shore winters for European staycations. Stuck in Australia until further notice, Jamie Mitchell chats with the very vibrant and frothy Ross Clarke-Jones in the newest episode of the Late Drop. Share this: Like...

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Mick & Mason – Red Monkey Full Moon

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Three-time World Surfing Champion Mick Fanning and Mason Ho again head off in search of best swell the world’s coastlines have to offer. The Search goes way out there. We take it as far as the Earth will let us go. In every ocean and in every sea, we seek the far reaches for waves mysterious and unknown. And we’ve found them and we’ve surfed them. Swells that break off glaciers, others that surge up rivers, and then, roping sand bottom rights that hiss like rattlesnakes as they grind and spit for over a mile long. Share this: Like...

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‘Ultimate Surfer’ Announced

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WSL NEWS Wednesday, November 13, 2019 ABC today announced the network pickup of new competition series “Ultimate Surfer.” The eight-episode series will gather some of the world’s greatest up-and-coming surfers to train and live together as they battle it out at the World Surf League’s (WSL) state-of-the-art Surf Ranch in Lemoore, California, powered by Kelly Slater’s man-made wave technology, in the hope of competing amongst the best athletes in the world’s fastest-growing sport. Production will begin in 2020 and an airdate will be announced later this season. Slater will serve as on-air talent and special correspondent for the show. Alliances and rivalries will be front and center in “Ultimate Surfer” as men and women compete in individual and team challenges focused on specific surfing disciplines. Weekly eliminations will leave two men and two women as finalists who will vie for the male and female titles of the Ultimate Surfer and the opportunity to compete on the WSL World Tour, the pinnacle of professional surfing. Slater’s remarkable, one-of-a-kind, man-made wave – the most even playing field for measuring surf mastery – is at the heart of the series. “In addition to being a globally recognized sport, surfing is also a lifestyle; and ‘Ultimate Surfer’ will give viewers a uniquely personal look at what goes into becoming a world-class champion. We’re ecstatic about the opportunity to utilize Kelly’s world-class surf facility and his expertise in showcasing these incredibly talented on-the-rise athletes,” said Rob Mills, senior vice president, Alternative Series, Specials and Late Night, ABC Entertainment. “This is an unprecedented opportunity for two surfers (one man, one woman) to win an opportunity to compete against the best surfers in the world on the WSL Tour,”said Slater, who will be the lead consultant for the series. “This will put some of the best up-and-comers against each other in a more direct way to see who stands above the rest, and Surf Ranch is obviously a great venue to use for ‘Ultimate Surfer.’ I’m excited to watch how they step up to the challenge.” The series comes out of the multiplatform co-development partnership between Pilgrim Media Group and WSL Studios, announced earlier this year. “Ultimate Surfer” is produced by Lionsgate’s Pilgrim Media Group and WSL Studios. Pilgrim CEO and President Craig Piligian, WSL Studios President of Content and Media Erik Logan, and UFC President Dana White serve as executive producers. Surfers interested in being a contestant on the show must be 21 or older and can apply at, where more details are available. About Pilgrim Media GroupPilgrim Media Group, a Lionsgate company headed by Emmy®-winning producer Craig Piligian, produces a diverse slate of unscripted and scripted programming across all platforms. The company is behind hit series like “Ghost Hunters,” “American Chopper,” “Fast N’ Loud,” the “Street Outlaws” and “Wicked Tuna” franchises, “My Big Fat Fabulous Life,” “Misfit Garage,” “Garage Rehab,” “Aaron Needs a Job,”...

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Slater’s Wave Pool headed for the Sunny Coast.

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There’s been a lot of  hype over the past few years since Kelly Slater opened the gates to his secret laboratory wave pool, ‘Surf Ranch’, situated in Lenmoore California.  Since that first wave was showcased to the world, there have been two World Surf League events for both the women  and men ‘The Freshwater Pro”, and plenty of surfers hitting the pool for training purposes.  Like myself, plenty of surfers have dreamed of such a perfect wave to surf in their own backyard, when nature decides to to turn the swell off, and other who just don’t get the quality of surf at their own beach locations.  Rumours have been circulating for just over a year that Kelly’s wave pool could be headed to our own Sunshine Coast. and today those rumours have been confirmed that the Sunshine Coast will get Australia’s first Kelly Slater Wave Pool. Quoted from the local newspaper a year ago  ‘The Sunshine Coast Daily’  Andrew Stark head of operations in Australia and Oceania for KSWC ,told  the Sunshine Coast Daily that the location was a natural fit for a wavepool, “due to Australia’s culture, history and roots within surfing as well as its pristine beaches and commitment to environmental sustainability”. “We are committed to working with those in the local area, and over coming weeks we will be talking to the community to explain the concept as well as listening to local perspectives.” Though the exact location has not been confirmed, it is possible that the pool maybe attached to the proposed Coolum Sport facilities. I say ‘BRING IT ON ! ‘ For more video footage visit KSWC.COM   Share this: Like...

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Sunny Garcia In Critical Condition

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Tandem Surf And Sport | NEWS There are reports from sources that Sunny Garcia, 49 years old, World Champion in 2000, is in intensive care in the Oregon/Washingto region, USA after attempting to take his own life. Sunny is still alive, but in a critical condition, and those close to him are reported to be fearing the worst. UPDATE: The WSL have confirmed that “Sunny Garcia is in the ICU in the hospital.” Sunny has battled publicly with depression over the last 10 to 20 years. Sunny is well known for being one of the more fire bolt, competitive, strong people in pro surfing ever since he came on tour as a young kid of 17 in 1987. Through the 90s, in an era dominated by Kelly Slater and the new school Momentum generation, Sunny was a beacon for traditional Hawaiian power surfing and achieved great success for it, winning the Hawaiian Triple Crown a record six times, and finishing top 10 in the year end rankings 11 times straight between 1990 and 2000. He is also a three-time winner and five time finalist of the highly regarded and heavily respected Rip Curl Pro Bells. In the year 2000, after going close many times before, he finally won the coveted World Surfing Championship. Powerful, intimidating and outspoken, Sunny’s career has not been immune to controversy – featuring in verbal and physical altercations throughout a spectacular and colourful surfing career. In 2007, he served three months in prison for tax issues. He told Surfing World in 2017: “For most of my career I was made to look like a monster. I’ve been in five fights in my entire life and of course they’ve all been documented. In the end you can’t think too much about that. All I can do is be the best person I can be today and know that I’m not perfect. That’s my right now.” He and Luke Egan were the senior guys on tour for sometime in the 2000s, together they helped re-direct the world tour to better surf and a better deal for the pro surfers. Garcia retired from competition around 2008 and has competed in several other events such as the Eddy since then. In 2012, he won the WSL QS event the HIC Pro at Sunset Beach, aged 42 – a good 25 years after he became one of the world’s most respected surfers at 17. He has three children and some grandchildren. Sunny has been a scary person to some people, but he has always worn his heart on his sleeve and is known to his close friends and family as a gentle and loving man. They in turn have loved and supported him right back, as have his many friends and fans throughout the surfing world. This of course doesn’t make anyone immune from the illness that is depression. Today, tomorrow and onward,...

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Damo Hobgood, Mick Corbett and More In Heavy Tube Action..

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This Volte Wetsuits outfit have really forged a clear taste when it comes to picking team riders – no nonsense fellas that can pack a tube. Damien Hobgood’s here, starring, to remind us how good he is in case we’d forgotten (how freaking nice is that righthand point he threads?), while Mick Corbett sticks one of the biggest acid drops you’ll see in 2018. Underrated West Aussie Jerome Forrest and Duran is-that-his-real-name Barr rounding out the rest of the clip that introduces the VW team (Duran Barr?! That’s the best name ever). Enjoy the lads testing the durability of their rubber in some serious but fun… but serious Mexico, San Diego, West Aus, Fiji and Tassie. Video by Volte Wetsuits Share this: Like...

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Kimchi And Barrels……Surfing Nth Korea

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Watch the latest video at It wasn’t all about bombs and sanctions. As President Trump wrapped up his summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in Singapore last week, he noted that Kim’s country sports a coastline dotted with “great beaches” — and no shortage of real estate opportunities. “You see that whenever they’re exploding their cannons into the ocean, right?” Trump asked. “I said, ‘Boy, look at the view. Wouldn’t that make a great condo behind?’” Few Westerners have experienced North Korean sun, sea and sand, but that’s not to say it’s entirely off-limits. “He’s right, there’s a lot of potential”, says Nik Zanella, an Italian surfer who’s led three surfing tours to North Korea. “I was surprised to see California-like bays with golden sands, red granite cliffs, clear water and no one on the beach,” he told Fox News in a Skype interview from China, where he coaches that country’s national surfing team. “I was pretty blown away.” Zanella says he used Google Earth to scour satellite images before his first visit, zeroing in on Majon beach on North Korea’s east coast. Unlike California, the surf wasn’t huge. “I knew from the beginning that I wasn’t looking for the next Malibu,” he says. “If you take professional athletes to North Korea and if you build their expectations that they’re going to get sick barrels, then they will be disappointed. “But the people on our trips didn’t really have that expectation,” he added.” “We had intermediate surfers who were fine with surfing clean, shoulder-high waves, and they were really happy.” Zanella also offered free lessons to locals. “We taught maybe 100 people on the first trip, and they were stoked,” he says. “Every time we went back, the people we had coached were still doing it and they had taught some other people to do it, so there’s a little surf scene that was growing.” But this isn’t your average beach vacation. The State Department advises against all travel to North Korea, even warning Americans who do go that they should draft a will before setting off. There’s also the ethical question of handing over money to a famously brutal and repressive regime. “I never felt guilty,” Zanella says. “I’m convinced that surfing is something that makes people feel free, and no one needs that more than people in that country.”         By Simon Owen | Fox News Share this: Like...

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That Magic Wax – Ross Clarke-Jones passes it on to the next frothing generation.

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How does legendary big wave surfer Ross Clarke-Jones end up in any remote corner of the world at what seems a moment’s notice? With magic wax, of course! In a homage to the cult 1987 Quiksilver surf film Mad Wax, which launched RCJ’s career, the 51-year-old passes on the wax to a new generation of surfers to inject the fun and magic back into surfing. Watch as Kanoa Igarashi, Leo Fioravanti and Caroline Marks come face to face with the scariest thing in surfing — Ross Clarke-Jones in a full body wetsuit on the beach in Hawaii… Complete with tunes from surf rock veterans GANGgajang, the throwback edit is as quirky as it is colorful. And the only thing better than the surfing is the acting… we think.       Director: Ben Nott, World Wide Mind: Want more from Go Mad? Head on over here! Want more of the best surf film music through the decades? Check out our Spotify playlist over here! Share this: Like...

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