Outer Island

Alchemy and Soul Surfing

In an age when the soul of surfing is run by surfing corporations and the art of shaping has gone to the machines, at Outer Island we are holding on to the grass roots. We have total commitment to design and hand construction of the finest surfboards on the planet, all custom built, small numbers, and full in-house construction.
The V2 Flex is a revolutionary approach to controlling the overall flex pattern of a surfboard. This year over 90% of our custom boards are built his way and the performance feedback is astounding. The absolute cutting edge of performance technology employs the V2Flex concept coupled with our proven carbon fibre FlexTail.

To quote Alby Falzon, creator of Morning of the Earth,
“I don’t invest in real estate, I buy Outer Island Surfboards”….

Talk to shaper, not a machine….

Mitchell Rae