Dummy Mount – V 2


Dummy v2 Mouth Mount


Dummy Mount 2 Nylon Frame with secured Machined Stainless Steel Nut

Dummy Mount 2 Mouthpiece – Yellow

Dummy Screw – Blue

Dummy Mount – V 2

Product Description

Dummy Mount Version 2

For our 2nd generation Mouth Mount we wanted to focus on function.  Top athletes and photographers worldwide use our Original Dummy Mounts. We learned what they loved about them, and also what could be improved. Using this feedback we set out to create the most advanced camera mouthpiece available.

The first improvement is our Nylon Frame / Silicone Mouthpiece combination.

Designed to connect ergonomically together without the need for a zip tie.  Nylon is a much stronger, superior materiel than the ABS plastic.  Similar mouth mount products on the market are made of ABS plastic which can, and often does break!

Combined with the removable Silicone Mouthpiece, The Dummy Mount 2 has the ability to bend and fit the contours of your mouth for maximum comfort.  We have added stabilizer tabs to the design, which offers the most stable footage possible without discomfort.  The airway is open on 4 sides, yet closed in the front to keep direct splashes from getting your mouth which also makes it the most breathable, and you can talk!

As always we are committed to creating the best products possible and are working on adaptors so you can use your Dummy Mount V2 with GoPro, Sony Action Cam, Garmin, 360fly, Panasonic, Lume Cube and more!

Can’t wait to see all the amazing content you all create and share with us!

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