BEYOND SIGHT: The Derek Rabelo Story

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        Walking On Water are giving us a FREE EXCLUSIVE online premiere of the film ‘Beyond Sight’. The premiere will screen only during the Pipe Masters Event Dec 8th – 21st   Amidst the small beautiful city of Guarapari, Brazil, Derek Rabelo’s father prayed that his son would become a famous professional surfer. Unfortunately on May 25th 1992, his prayer seemed unanswered when Derek was born blind. Seventeen years later Derek decided that despite his blindness he still wanted to surf and that he wanted to surf the dangerous Pipeline wave on the North Shore of Oahu. Through the encouragement of his parents, best friend, and surf coach, Derek embarked on a three-year journey of grueling mental, physical and spiritual training. As Derek perseveres towards his goal of surfing Pipeline, he inspires the best pro-surfers in the world including Makua Rothmans, Koa Rothmans, Kala Alexander, Kelly Slater, Damien Hobgood, Rob Machado, Lakey Peterson, Taj Burrow, Laird Hamilton and more, who are featured in the film. You will learn from Derek’s story that the best journeys in life are walked by faith, and not by WATCH HERE – BEYOND FULL SIGHT    BEYOND SIGHT: The Derek Rabelo Story (subtitles available) from WalkingOnWater on Vimeo. IF YOU ENJOYED THE MOVIE HERE ARE SOME WAYS TO GET INVOLVED: 1. Host Derek Rabelo and the Beyond Sight movie in your hometown. Email: 2. Make a tax deductible donation to support the ongoing efforts of the Walking on Water team. DONATE HERE. 3. Attend one of our international mission trips or surf camps in California. Email: 4. Support our next movie that will be released in Spring 2017: Email: 5. Would you like to know more about life, God, and the message of the movie? Click here to see what’s most important to us. Share this: Like...

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Uncharted Waters – The Personal History of Wayne Lynch

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Directed by Craig Griffin, Uncharted Waters is a feature length documentary about legendary Australian surfer Wayne Lynch. It traces his upbringing in the seaside town of Lorne on Victoria’s south western coast and his turbulent experiences as a ‘conscientious objector’ on the run from conscription and the Vietnam War. Ultimately, it is about an extremely gifted individual with an intense connection to the Southern Ocean, whose approach to surfing has been a spiritual journey often putting him at odds with the surfing subculture and society in general. For more information, check out Share this: Like...

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