Mick Fanning hands over his surfboard to a stoked grommet.

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  Three-time world champion Mick Fanning has given a young fan more than he bargained for, gifting him the surfboard he had just used in his second-last event before retiring. Footage of the exchange tweeted by World Surf League shows the stunned youngster standing in the shallows to greet the surfer as he wades out of the water at Snapper Rocks on Queensland’s Gold Coast. Hurriedly recapping a pen he likely intended for an autograph, the boy quickly changes tack. “Really?” the surprised fan said when Fanning handed him the board. Mick Fanning? Mick Fanning giving back after his last heat ever at Snapper Rocks #CheersMick Posted by World Surf League on Tuesday, 13 March 2018     Fanning announced he would be retiring from professional surfing in February via social media. The 36-year-old made it through to the fourth round at the Gold Coast Pro, defeating American Conner Coffin in the third round, but was later eliminated from the competition. He finished third behind defending champion Owen Wright and Brazilian Tomas Hermes.   Fanning has just one more event left in his competitive career at Bells Beach — the same beach where he won his first tour in 2001. Share this: Like...

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Book Your Summer Surf Trip With World Surfaris.

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  We have teamed up with World Surfaris, who are the leader in providing quality surf trips to destinations throughout the surfing world. Whether its a surfing boat trip of a lifetime or quality resort type accommodation with the world’s best surfing breaks at your doorstep, World Surfaris  is in the business of getting you stoked!     World Surfaris have launched their Summer Surf Trip packages, with destinations including Samoa, PNG, Pohnpei, Fiji, Tonga with pumping waves through the months of November – April. No matter your surfing capabilities or budget, World Surfaris have got you covered. BOOK YOUR SUMMER SURF TRIP TODAY SAMOA                           TONGA   FIJI                                   PHONPEI            BOOK YOUR SUMMER SURF TRIP TODAY   Share this: Like...

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Size Does Matter – 60 Minutes interview with Ross Clarke-Jones and Mick Corbett

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  It may seem obvious, but when it comes to big wave surfing, size definitely matters. And at up to one hundred feet, or more than thirty metres, the largest and meanest waves in the world slam into a headland in Portugal called Nazaré. Such is this monster break it often breaks those brave – or crazy – boardriders who attempt to take it on. Just this week, Australian surfer Ross Clarke Jones almost died after being wiped off a Nazaré wave. But the precarious divide between disaster and glory is precisely the reason he and other Aussie big wave legends like Mick Corbett can’t stay away from the place. ? Share this: Like...

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Aussie big-wave surfing legend Ross Clarke-Jones nearly drowns at Nazare, Portugal

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      Australian Big Wave Surfer and former World Tour Competitor Ross Clarke-Jones almost drowned  this morning at Portugal’s famous big wave spot, Nazare . Ross, known for his big wave surfing in huge waves across the globe, by his standards the 25ft waves out at Nazare were small in comparison to other bigger swells surfed. But after admitting he got a little complacent in the conditions, the 51-year-old very nearly paid with his life. Ross has been admitted to  hospital, rather bruised and concussed with a suspected broken leg.        Name Email*     Share this: Like...

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The Week In Waves – Interview Barton Lynch.

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      Last year down at the Quiky Pro I had the pleasure of interviewing some Aussie Surfing Legends.  I caught up with 1988 World Surfing Champion, Hurley Ambassador, And everyone’s favourite guest commentator for the World Surf League ‘Barton Lynch’. We talk about life after the pro tour some 19 years ago, his role with Hurley and life in general.. The Week In Waves - Barton Lynch The Week In Waves – FREE SUBSCRIPTION  Name Email* HURLEY PHANTOM JULIAN WILSON SNAPPER BOARDSHORTS        Share this: Like...

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